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Lezioni in Scozia sull’olio e il vino

New Italian wine and olive oil tasting meet up!

This is a wine and olive oil tasting club with a difference. We are not sommeliers or looking for sommeliers.

We would like to share our love of all things Italian with people who enjoy wine and who would also like to know more about olive oil and perhaps Italian culture and language.

We can suggest the best way to drink, the perfect temperature, the colours and the history of the wines presented. We will share with you the best olive oils, how to use them and explain why they are better to use than butter or margarine.

Our aim is to introduce you to (or better acquaint you with) Italian culture and customs and not only to try different types of wine, to invite all interested in Italy and Italian wines to come and taste some new wines and meet some new friends.

The cost is £10.

This is to cover tastings of 3 different wines , some food to accompany them, the use of the glasses and the venue. On the evening we will taste 3 different wines and 2 olive oils – which include a supermarket classic and one which has just arrived from Italy especially for the occasion. This is exclusive to a small family business called Agriturismo Cignale.

You will taste the difference between the two oils and appreciate why we should support our artisan culture. For those who would like to sample all three wines, leave the car at home!

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