The characteristics common to all of our jams are:
• the use of organic fruit
• the use of natural thickeners (apple, lemon)
• the care in cooking to maintain the most 'can the color of the fresh fruit
• the minimum sugar intake / honey to ensure the natural flavor of the fruit and used a dietary product. Why are real compound
traditional jams
The grape jam (scrucchiata)
The typical local jam and full prepared with selected Montepulciano grapes in our area, we collect ripe and deprive manually and with great patience of small seeds. During slow cooking usually it does not need sugar, being already 'this type of very sweet grapes; keep the skins of the grapes make it particularly in its delicacy and flavor. It is used during the winter, and especially at Christmas as a filling for puffs, typical local sweet
The fig jam
It is made with our figs with very little added sugar (about 100 g from 10 g to 30 g fruit. Sugar) and a slight smell of lemon zest
The jam of peaches, plums, apricots
It is made with our fruits with the minimum quantity of sugar necessary (generally depending on the type of more 'or less sweet fruit of 100 grams of fruit, from 20 grams to 40 grams of sugar) and the' addition of grated apple with all the peel and / or a bit 'of lemon peel (both have the characteristic of being natural thickeners)
particular jams of Cignale
The cherry plum jam
And 'a special jam small natural plums (myrobalan), that no more' collects, despite the various properties' healthy, typical of all wild fruits.
It is the characteristic his taste a bit 'sour, particularly appreciated by those who prefer sweet jams or is following diets. The addition of sugar does not exceed 30 grams per 100 grams of fruit.
The lemon marmalade
Jam very popular with our customers. It is presented as a clear "dew" in which we can capture the scent of Sicilian citrus. The addition of sugar is higher than the other jams but is always reduced to a minimum (about 100 grams of fruit, 60 grams of sugar)
Orange marmalade
organic oranges for this very fragrant jam. Same doses in the fruit sugar ratio of lemon marmalade.
Jam zucchini
organic zucchini, rum, vanilla, lemon, sugar 30%. Yummy is very well served with important cheeses and with boiled.


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