Social responsibility

Cignale and social responsibility

Since many years a lot of companies pay much attention to social themes. They are not only accidental initiatives linked to the wants of charity or to conform to what others do, but they are a right and articulate reply to the company's and territory's requirements.

Changes in the environment, financial crisis, the globalization and its risks/opportunities, make the companies think about their position in the society as subjects who create values for the benefit of all the community.

Although the customer's strong social sensibility, the few public financial resources, the attention for quality, the European Union's trends make the company's social engagements a more important and necessary strategy, which matched with other company's choises, lets to achieve aims, even those about profit, with much success.

The Socially Responsible Corporate is that which realizes interventions of particular attention (to the personal wealth, to the environment, to the history, to the work's conditions, to the diversity, to the clearness and social engagement, to the internal and external relations, to the production process, to the products, to the packaging, etc...) and refers to all who are interested to the company - stakeholders (consumers, public opinion, istitutions and corporations, employees, trading partner, associates and financial community, etc...).

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